About Us

The Oklahoma Mental Health and Aging Coalition is an advocacy and educational organization that formed in 1990 to address the behavioral health challenges of older Oklahomans. Behavioral Health is a term that includes mental health, mental illness, substance use and substance abuse. The Oklahoma Coalition was the first in the Nation. The National Coalition on Mental Health and Aging was formed in 1991.

Our goal is to improve the availability, accessibility and quality of mental health and substance use services for older Oklahomans. We work to increase awareness of older adult behavioral health issues through Statewide education and advocacy.

Additionally, OMHAC serves to integrate the networks of physical health, mental health, aging and disability in order to provide a comprehensive system of services for older Oklahomans.
No dues are required of OMHAC members. Your time, knowledge, skills and participation are requested. Membership is open to any individual who is concerned with older adult wellness. OMHAC focuses on a definition of wellness that includes mental health, physical health, substance use, addictions, chronic diseases, medications, environmental, disability and support connections. Membership is diverse and, over the years, has been comprised of nurses, housing managers, behavioral health professionals, lawyers, health professionals, aging services providers, community volunteers, peer support specialists, caregivers, Ombudsman, Silver Haired Legislators, family members, veterans and memory specialists. As a member you will receive information about older adults and behavioral health issues, as well as training opportunities, conferences, webinars, advocacy opportunities and local initiatives. Additionally, you will increase your knowledge and expand your networks and contacts. Meetings are scheduled every other month, 1:30-3:00 PM at NorthCare. Please visit the Meetings page for previous meeting agendas and records.